Read This to Know All About Different Chandeliers

You can certainly add beauty to the interior design of your home by installing a chandelier light. Chandeliers have been used in royal palaces and building since many years and they are still relevant in modern age too. You can get many different kinds of designs and styles of these chandeliers in the market with modern designs too.

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How they are made?

Following are few steps involved for making of these chandelier lights. Let us try to know each steps in brief manner.

  • Design

All chandeliers are first designed by few professionals who have got plenty of experience and first they will draw a basic sketch and then add various other elements to come out with something unique design. All the necessary drawing will be made, so that its manufacturing can start.

  • Manufacture the base

To start with, its base which is most important part of chandelier is manufactured. Designers will provide necessary drawing based on their concept. It has to accommodate many electrical parts too and after its base is ready then all the necessary wiring will be done.

  • Chain the crystals

Crystals are the main part that people will see and get attracted. There are a wide variety of crystals available that can have high light transmittance, hardness, texture, excellent refraction property and also durability.

Their various complicated shapes are mostly handcrafted and plenty of laborers are involved in making them.

  • Packaging

After all the assembly of the crystals are done and proper shape of the chandelier is obtained then it is necessary to pack them in a very special manner.

Since all the items are quite delicate and special care is also taken for creating their package.

  • Shipping

Finally, the product is shipped to the actual user where it is going to be installed.

Following are very common and popular types of chandelier that you can find in most of the homes.

  • Antler chandelier

People fond of outdoors will prefer antler chandeliers, as it can offer very rustic touch and can convert your home into nature lover’s daydream.

  • Candle chandelier

These chandeliers often have minimum of 5 extensions, and each have its own lights, which are candle-like.

  • Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are the kind of chandeliers that you may buy if you are going for pure elegance look.

  • Drum chandelier

Drum chandeliers have been named for their shape, but many also have single, round shade on all the lights, which somewhat resembles with a drum.

  • Glass chandelier

Glass chandeliers are made in many different designs, so you can easily find one that can fit your style.

  • Modern chandelier

Modern chandeliers usually offer more of futuristic vibe. Having their crisp edges and also geometric shapes are perfect compliment with digital age.

  • Transitional chandelier

Transitional chandelier is a mixture of new and old-school and combine all futuristic crispness of modern chandelier having the all the rustic elegance of older model.