Which Oil Is Right For You – CBD, Hemp, THC, Marijuana Or Cannabis

The world of cannabis plants has given many supplements for the medical field. Almost all types of cannabis plant extractions are being used for treating one or the other ailments. Here is an overview of all such available cannabis supplements in the market. 

CBD Oil 

CBD is an abbreviation that is used for the term cannabidiol. It is a substance that gets extracted from hemp, a type of cannabis plant. 

Using CBD Oil will not offer you any type of feeling like getting high. This factor has made it possible for the medical field to use the supplement in many treatments such as cancer, inflammatory disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, and many other such problems. 

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THC Oil 

THC oil gets extracted from a group of cannabis plants known as hemp. The concentrated form of THC is highly intoxicating. The experts make sure that the resin content in the extracted THC is toned down to 0.3%, before releasing them to the world of pharmacy as medicinal supplements. 

THC oil or other supplements will normally be used for treating many issues such as depression, headaches, stress, inflammation, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite, and so on. 

Cannabis Oil 

Also known as Hash Oil, cannabis oil is one of the supplements that are used for enjoying the “high effect” when consumed? Just like marijuana oil, cannabis oil will also be used for taking care of many issues such as stress, pain, depression, and other such life-threatening problems, with proper tweaking of the THC content in them. The best part of using cannabis oil is that you can eat it, smoke it, vape it, or even for external usage as a massage oil. 

Marijuana Oil 

Marijuana oil is extracted by a group of cannabis plants known as drug plants. The plants will be exclusively grown with the only purpose of extracting the intoxicating THC supplements from them. The resin content in the marijuana plants will make them be highly intoxicating supplements. Hence, experts make sure that the percentage of resin is toned down to a considerable amount, before introducing them to the medical world. 

Medical marijuana is mainly used for treating many issues such as depression, body pain, inflammation, anxiety, and so on.  

Hemp Oil 

Hemp oil is the extraction of the plant substances from a group of cannabis plants called hemp. The level of THC that is present in these plant supplements will not exceed more than 0.3%, and hence it will not cause the effect of intoxication or simply known as “high” when used as suggested. 

Hemp seeds are rich in many medicinal benefits for humans, and this factor has made it possible for hemp oil to be used as one of the pharmaceutical supplements today. Hemp oil is even used as cooking oil. 

If you are planning to use any of these cannabis plant supplements, then it is strictly advised to consult your physician before doing so.