Best Muscle Cars Examples

Muscle cars are basically an American term used for high-performance cars. This term came into existence in the 1960s and early 1970s. Although there are any muscle cars in America, not all are considered as the BEST. In this article, we are going to read out some of the Best Muscle Cars introduced to date. So, let’s get started.


1970 Hemi Cuda


Hemi Cuda is one of the sought after cars introduced in 1970. This graceful car was an attention grabber of that time due to its legacy and sophisticated look. Raced by Chrysler France up to 1973, Chrysler made just 652 cars in which 14 are convertibles. It was produced between 1964-1974 and had a gas engine. You may consider it a 70-90’s sports car with a speed of 5.8 seconds of 0-60 mph, a fantastic figure of that era. It is one of the fastest muscle cars until the 90s.


1966 Corvette 427


The pinnacle of style, class, and luxury, this 1966 Corvette 427, was a two-seater car that falls under the convertible category. Known as an unbeatable beast of its time, it carried the legacy of many classy cars for many years. Its production was between 1963- 1967 and had a lot to offer in its exterior and interior. This top speed car was a beauty that grabbed the attention of many muscle car enthusiasts.








1969 Plymouth Road Runner


The third best selling muscle cars of its time- the Road Runner production was between 1968-1980. It has a gas engine and known for its power and sleek design. Even in the year 2020, there were several cars that can’t beat this amazing muscle car. However, it is less known to people, who know it, love this beast as it had everything a muscle car enthusiast may look for.


1966 Shelby AC Cobra 427 “Super Snake.”


Shaped like a cobra, this Super Snak   e muscle car was considered as the future of automobiles. The car was sold for $5.5 million in 2017 at a car auction- Barrett Jackson Collector. It runs at the speed of a 4.2 second of 0-60 mph, and other than its speed, it looks classy and is highly comfortable. This car was also starred in the first James Bond film- Dr. No, in 1962.


1973 Valiant Charger R/T E49 Edition


The two doors hard-top coupe was a Chrysler Australia debuted in 1961 as the Valiant charger. The A-body platform moved to a meaner and leaner in-line 6 for their best muscle cars as it’s competitors GM’s Holden and Ford went towards V8 engine, which was quite heavier. It was known for its highest performance version with a torque producing around 325lbs ft @ 4,100 RPM.



Apart from these cars, there were many in the list of the best muscle car examples. Some of these are 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat WideBoy, 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. You can read about these cars on websites like Henry Life and get an overview of the best muscle car examples.