3 Ways Roadside Assistance Can Help with a Flat Tire

A driver’s worst nightmare is getting a flat tire or some other emergency when traveling down the highway during the middle of the night. In this situation, it might be best and safest to call emergency roadside assistance. If you suffer from this situation, you might wonder what you’ll get from this service. Here are some of the things you can receive from roadside assistance if you require a tire change service.


Flat Tire Change


If you suffer from a flat tire, roadside assistance will be able to change it for you. This is a good option if you don’t have a spare tire or don’t know how to change a tire. Oftentimes, they’ll replace your tire with a temporary one. These are not meant to be driven on for a long period of time. They are designed to get you to where you need to go to get a new tire put on your vehicle. These types of tires will allow you to avoid towing your car somewhere, making it a much cheaper option.


Emergency Towing


In most cases, roadside assistance will be able to change your flat tire and send you on your way. However, this isn’t always the case. In some situations, the tire might not be able to be changed easily or there might be some mechanical issues that cause you to need a tow. In that case, you’ll need emergency roadside towing. A roadside assistance company will provide this towing for you. Whether this towing will be included in your roadside assistance package depends on the specifics of what you’ve paid for. In some cases, your towing will be covered. In other cases, it might only be covered for a certain distance. If it’s the latter, you’ll need to pay for any additional mileage that might be traveled to get your car to the place you desire.


Drained Battery


If you suffer from a flat tire, you’ll want to keep your hazard lights on. This will alert anyone on the road that you’re stuck on the side. If you are in a remote location, it might take some time for roadside assistance to get to you. In the meantime, your car battery might die. The good news is that roadside assistance will take care of that for you when they arrive. If your flat tire can be repaired, they’ll jump your car so that you can drive away safely.

Getting a flat tire when traveling can be a difficult situation. If you have roadside assistance, the situation will be made a lot easier. A call to them will allow you to have your tire repaired or your car towed where needed. These are some of the services you can receive from roadside assistance so that you can get your car to a tire change service.