5 Kinds of Common Motorcycles

For decades, motorcycles only fell into two primary camps: street and dirt bikes. Many even looked the same. But, during the 1980s, manufacturers started designing vehicles tailored to different kinds of riding. Afterward, the categories diversified. That trend continues to evolve today. If you’re planning on buying a new one, you need to know what you’re getting. Here are a few types that look great on the open road.

Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are the most popular types you’ll see around a city. What makes them so great is their simple yet functional design made for comfort. Their upright riding position with semi-forward-set foot pegs don’t force you to ride with outstretched legs and cramped arms like with other kinds. Essentially, they’re very beginner-friendly. Anyone could easily learn how to use and take care of them.


Most of what you need to know about this ride is in its name. It’s designed for cruising, either around the city or down the countryside. Traditionally, they have low seats, a torque-rich engine, lots of style, and plenty of chrome. Some spruce up theirs by installing saddle bags and old school sissy bars. Like standard bikes, they’re great for beginners. They’re easier to handle even at low speeds, and they have a more relaxed power output.

Touring Bikes

Some people want to get into motorcycling to ease the travel itch. They’re one of the largest kinds, but they aren’t heavy-duty. They’re designed to cover long distances. After all, the rear-set handlebars, forward-set foot pegs, and large front fairings provide a relaxed ride.

Dirt Bikes

With long suspensions, powerful motors, and lightweight builds, dirt bikes are their own brand of fun. They have large wheels that are made to move on uneven surfaces much easier. This is the right choice for daredevils at heart longing for something extreme.

Sport bikes

Sport bikes are the speed machines of the motorcycle world. They have high-powered engines, sophisticated suspension systems, and high-performance breaks. They’re stuffed with all the latest technology you can find on two wheels. They’re also made with lightweight materials, which help them be more agile. Their high seats, low handlebars, and rear-set foot pegs are their noticeable characteristics.

When looking for motorcycles, there’s really no right or wrong choice; it all depends on your taste and needs. Once you get the perfect one, start doing some upgrades and add accessories like a sissy bar to make it look more awesome.