Looking For Professional Diesel Mechanic – Points To Consider Before Hiring The One

If you are in the mobile truck service business, you need to be extra cautious while hiring a mechanic. The level of expertise will be of a different level. The mechanic needs to carry every tool and equipment for on-site repair. Hence, if he is not knowledgeable and cannot diagnose the exact cause of the problem, your company will lose the client as well as reputation.

You will require a specialized mobile diesel mechanic for truck repair and overhauling since most of the trucks and fleet comes with diesel engine. Moreover, the trucks carry tons of load hence the wear and tear of the mechanical parts are subject to repair or replacement very often. When you are attached to Walkers Plant Maintenance, you are at peace of mind. They are meant to deal with such kind of critical situations with vehicles ranging from a mini-truck, flatbeds to tank trucks.

The below are a few basic points that need consideration while appointing mechanic with specialization in diesel engines.

  • Certification & Training

When you send your mechanic for any repairs and diagnose the vehicle, the first and foremost thing the client asks the technician is whether he is certified to carry on the level of breakdown that occurred. The technological advancement in the engines has changed over the years, hence besides getting the certificate, he should be technically sound enough to update his knowledge about the various categories of vehicle running on the roads.

  • Experience 

Though certification is essential and provides the technical terms and deep knowledge about the vehicles, you can’t merely rely on it. The practical knowledge and experience makes a vast difference. On-field jobs require the expertise to diagnose and troubleshooting without spending time on R&D. This is possible only when the technician has a good level of experience and skill to select the right tool to complete the assigned tasks.

  • Tools

The selection of the right tool is of utmost important to complete the job within a limited period. Moreover, the technician should have proficiency and skill –

  • To keep the tools in a working manner all the time.
  • Store the tools at a convenient place to keep them available in an immediate situation.


  • Professional approach

The technician should be well-versed and should have a professional approach to any situation he is in. He should be able to understand the situation and work accordingly. He should have good communication skills and explain in detail the repairs undertaken. He should be able to answer the queries of the client, some of the usual ones are listed below.

  • The time to complete the repair.
  • The spare list which he would require and provide an estimate of it.
  • The warranty for the service and spares used.


  • Inspection

The mechanic should have enthusiasm for his work. In the absence, he will finish the repairs and might forego the inspection part. He should perform the inspection and testing quality once the repair and overhauling work is done.

To summarise, the mechanic should be multi-talented not only for repairs of diesel trucks but also able to rectify minor issues related to internal electrical fault as well.