How to Sell Your Car in These Few Easy Steps?

Selling your car hassle-free requires a perfect blend of marketing and advertising channels. To get the word across to the potential buyer is the deal of the game. It’s all about projecting the car’s appeal in a way to land a profitable sale.

Organise your documents

The most important of the preparation is to get your car’s documents in order. The level of transparency and order in the paperwork can break or make a deal. If your paperwork is clean, then you can even getinstant cash quotes.

Keep your legal pink slip ready, but don’t sign it until the deal is through. This is also called the title.  If your car is on loan, discuss and decide with the vender, on how you will settle the loan. Check with your Department of Motor Vehicles about the forms and formalities to complete before selling.

There are cases where the license plate might not go with the car. Check that out. Also, to have an extra edge over other sellers, you can provide a vehicle history report to your potential buyer.

Decide on a price

Do some research on how to price your car. The price should justify your car’s condition, mileage and external appearance. You can use Edmunds’ or Kelly Blue Book to fix a price for your car. Auckland Car Buyer, fortunately, helps you to avoid all these hassles and buy your car at the right price.

Used-car selling companies can decide on a lower selling price. It’s not the same with private sellers. So, your price will be higher. This is because your buyer will try haggling the price and then down to the price you actually intend for your car.

Increase your car’s appeal

First impression matters. Clean your windows. Clean off the brake dust. Put a layer of tire gloss over your tires.

Make sure the doors and slides are smooth. Also, check that your surface is polished to give it an extra glam. The whole point is to let the buyer feel that your car is the next best thing to a new one.

Put out catchy ads

Take good photographs of your car. This catches buyers’ attention, so that they end up reading about the make, year and mileage. Make good use of advertising sites online, like Craigslist, Autotrader, EBay Motors etc.

Meet your potential buyer

Give your potential buyer a first-hand feel of your vehicle. A test drive along the highway or the streets of your neighbourhood will increase your car’s selling potential. Sometimes, the buyers’ mechanic might be there for inspection. Accept it, to increase your chances of selling.

Seal the deal

Make sure you and the buyer are correct about the numbers. Decide if the payment is in cash or cheque. Sign and date the title. Provide your bill of sale and “release of liability” form to your buyer.


It is a bit tricky to make a sale of your used car, if it does not go through proper channels. With some good pre-planning, sell your car to the highest bidder and make plans to shop for a new car.