Few Basic Details We Must Know Regarding Auto Repair

Auto Repair is one the most important works because now the car users have increased a lot. Though it is good for the customer to consult mechanic, but some basics of auto repair must be known by customers so that no one takes advantage of a person on an unknown subject. Some of the basic concepts have been explained in the form of question and answers.

What is the Apt Time for Changing Brakes?

  • Changing brakes depend much upon the road where we drive. If we are driving in crowded streets then we will need to change the brakes more often. Whereas, while driving on a highway or flatland we will not need to change the brake shoes so often as brakes are not required much in these routes.
  • There is no proper time-table to change the brakes. We need to regularly get it checked by mechanic and get to know the thickness of the brake pads and then as per the instructions we need to change them.
  • Many latest vehicles have sensors embedded on them because they get to hear annoying screech sound when they apply brakes or release them.
  • Brake fluids should also be properly maintained.

How to Repair Headlight?

It is one of the most important aspects of auto repair and is also very easy. Some of the important steps are mentioned below:

  • First we need to clear the headlights with soap water and with a clean cloth.
  • Apply tape surrounding the whole headlight and make sure that it is done accurately as this is an important step.
  • Spray a cleaner/water on a sand paper with lowest grit (1,000 or 1) and rub it across the headlight.
  • Then use the sandpaper having higher grit (2,000 or 2) across the headlights.
  • Dry the headlight lens using a towel.
  • By using applicator pad soaked in cleaner we need to use it across the headlights to properly shine the headlights.
  • Then by wiping of water from the headlights you will have clean headlights.

When do we need to Change Engine Air Filter?

Changing engine air filter is one of the most important things in a car. With proper changing of air filter, acceleration of car and also the fuel economy increases.

We can easily say when to change the air filter just by looking into the duct through which the air enters. If there are black sections on the filter, then we need to change them and if the person is not able to understand then they must consult mechanic or else read the manual properly. Usually, after 30,000 miles we need to change the air filter.

When do we need to Change the Tires?

As per the normal convention, it is expected to be changed after covering 50,000 miles. It also depends on whether the tires are of summer tire or all-season tire. We must have a look on the grips of the tires. If the grip fades away then we must change the tires as it may create problems with the safety factor of the car.

At what Time do we need to Change Our Car’s Shockers?

Shock absorbers are one of the most vital components for having comfortable and luxurious ride. It saves the passengers from unwanted shocks of the roads (bumps, holes etc) by compressing the dampers (shockers) and it also controls the amount of bounce back when it rebounds.

We can easily figure out when we need to change the shock absorbers. We can also trace it via following the looks of the suspension properly. If a person is unable to trace the problem regarding the shock absorbers then they should call the mechanic for proper check-up of the car. It is one of the most important stages in auto repair.

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